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ABC Windows
License: 372705
Serving The Peninsula and Bay Area
South San Francisco, CA
Voice: (650) 359-6670


  • “They’re cost-effective, efficient, and fast. I got 44 windows from them for my home. I was in Hawaii for most of the time they were working on my house, and they took care of everything for me. I interviewed four other companies, and they seemed to be the best. Their workers are very clean and very skilled. The double-paned windows they installed really keep the noise down, the warmth in, and the utlities bills down.“

  • “I own an apartment building with 80 units, and they’ve worked on at least half of them. I’ve been a general contractor for 40 years, dealing with all kinds of people from plumbers to roofers. I like ABC’s work and their products— and ther bids are always better than other companies.“

  • “They did a wonderful job— very professional. What I liked is that ABC made the windows themselves, and that they are family-owned. They don’t just treat you like another number; they take an interest in you as a person. Their customer service was excellent, and they had the best price of the three companies I checked with.“

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Ninety-five percent of local window companies are, strictly speaking, window installation companies, in that the windows they design and install are actually made by large manufacturers hundreds of miles away.

ABC Windows is a 45-year-old company which makes its own windows right here in the Bay Area. The same technicians who build the windows also install them at your home. That means they know exactly how your windows are put together, and can make on-site adjustments to ensure smooth operation and a perfect fit.

“It’s easy to make a window and then ship it out,“ says Alex Koustas, a partner in the family-run business. “It’s another thing when a window needs service – which they may at some point. Over time, houses shift and settle, especially in the Bay Area. That puts pressure on the windows, and makes them stick or prevents them from locking. Unlike other window companies, we can go out and make a simple adjustment, because we actually made the windows.

“I started working here in 1970, and the founder taught me that customer service is a vital part if the business. For example, if you rip a screen, we’ll fix it at no charge.

“We put absolutely no sales pressure on people to buy from us,“ Alex explains. “We give free estimates, and we encourage people to compare us with other companies.

“People sometimes ask us if we have a showroom. I tell them, we can do better than that: come to our factory, and we’ll teach you how to make a window. Some people take us up on it – it’s like a little field trip!“

ABC Windows designs and manufactures custom premium vinyl windows, selling them at factory-direct prices. They will install the windows at your home, and then provide you with the follow-up service of a family-owned business which has been established in the Bay Area since 1959.

“People love the fact that everything is done locally,“ says Alex. “We end up knowing our customers forever because at some point there will be something they need. We make their windows, we install their windows, and we repair and upgrade their windows.“

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