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Anderberg Construction Consulting
License: #494559
4100-10 Redwood Road
Oakland, California
Voice: (510) 482-2779
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  • “I needed someone to come out and help me with some structural issues, and he came out and did a consultation with me. I was very happy with him— he was prompt, knowledgeable, and practical.”

  • “He came out and consulted on how to take care of the drainage problem in my basement. He drew sketches, explained everything in laymen’s terms, and gave me suggestions of three contractors to contact who could do the work I needed done. His service was very comprehensive.”

  • “He was just wonderful. He walks you through every part of the process, which is great when you don’t know anything about construction. He quickly found solutions for our old house, and was always available. I have great peace of mind knowing the work was done properly.”

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The mere thought of a foundation or drainage problem is enough to strike fear into a homeowner’s heart. The expense, the complexity, the possibility that after spending all that money, your home still might not be structurally sound and/or strong enough to withstand a powerful earthquake – for many people, it’s simply too much to deal with.

But let’s assume you’ve moved out of a state of denial, and now you want some professional advice. Who are you going to call? Any contractor – however honest - will appear biased, because he or she is trying to sell you their services.

Start by consulting Tom Anderberg. An established, reputable builder who’s been working in the Bay Area for 31 years, and consulted with literally thousands of local homeowners, Tom can provide you with an independent, objective explanation of your house problem (if one exists).

And because Tom will not bid to work on your home, you can feel confident that you’re getting the real low-down on what needs to be done.

Tom will explain different options in layman’s language, and give you “ballpark“ cost estimates. He can help you obtain and evaluate contractors’ bids, and ensure the work is completed correctly.

“You can pay $10,000 for a job which could have been done for $6,000 – or waste $10,000 away on a job which needs $20,000 to be done properly.”I help people spend their money wisely, and get the right work done at a better price.”

Anderberg Construction Consulting specializes in drainage systems, foundations, seismic retrofitting, retaining walls and settlement problems. He also provides expert witness testimony.

It’s a huge relief to have someone informed on your side, who can make sure you get the right work done. By hiring an unbiased, independent consultant for a few hours, your problem will be solved faster, easier, and for less money.

Lic# 494559

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