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Arachne’s Thimble
1487 Newell Ave.
Walnut Creek, CA
Voice: (925) 938-5251


  • “I’ve been going to Dama since she opened. She’s done all kinds of alterations for me— from changing clothing sizes, to hems, to everything else— and she’s much better than the average seamstress. Her service is excellent!”

  • “I’m delighted to recommend them! I’ve been a customer of theirs pretty much since they opened, and I keep going to them because I really like their work. They’re very sweet people, and very competent. I give them two thimbs up!”

  • “I used to work at Kaiser in Walnut Creek. I now live in Berkeley but still take things to Arachne’s Thimble because I’ve never found anywhere better. I only have positive things to say. They’ve done things for me in a rish when I needed them, and I’ve never had any mishaps.”

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If you’ve been dieting and now your pants are falling off – or if you’ve recently gained a few pounds and need room to breathe – get yourself over to Dana Downing and have her restyle those clothes to fit. Arachne’s Thimble is the place that local department stores send their clients to for alterations in a hurry.

Dana’s been sewing since she was 15. A graduate from New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, she is also a trained Master Tailor. That’s pretty rare nowadays, especially for someone who’s still in her thirties.

“30% of sewing can be learned, but the other 70% is talent,” says Dana, “You either have a knack for it, or you don’t.”

“I can sit in front of a sewing machine and work on a dress for 10 hours – but put me in front of a computer, and I lose patience after five minutes.”

“I was raised on a farm, and my mom taught my sisters and I to make our own clothes,” she says. “By the 8th grade, I was designing and making all my own garments.” Although she doesn’t do any designingat Arachne’s Thimble – only tailoring and alterations– Dana mentors local high school students wanting to get into design school.)

Arachne’s Thimble will hem your pants while you wait. Dana and her employees offer full-service alterations for men and women, as well as same day and next day service (usual turnaround is five days.)

Their prices are very reasonable. “Most people don’t realize that, in most cases, alterations are inexpensive,” Dana expains. “It’s certainly worth doing if you have a favorite garment, or an item of clothing you paid a lot of money for.”

If you’re wondering where she got the name from, Arachne was a peasant girl in Greek myth who claimed that she could sew better than the Gods. They challenged her to prove it, and when she did, she felt so bad she committed suicide. So then the Gods brought her back to life as a spider…and that’s why spiders still weave such beautiful webs today.

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