Bryan Welden Painting


Bryan Welden Painting
License: 373278
1161 Scotts Lane
Walnut Creek, California
Voice: (925) 947-6658


  • “He was very neat and tidy, and reliable. He was always here early in the morning and always put in a good day’s work. We recommend him very highly. “

  • “I will be hiring him again soon! His prices are reasonable, he’s dependable, does great work, and is a great person. We had him do work on another house we were selling as well. He knows his business, he knows his colors, and he makes great recommendations.”

  • “He has painted the kitchen cabinets in our house, and repaired cracks in the walls. He has great workmanship and leaves our home clean. When he starts a job, he works on it until it’s done, AND he only does one job at a time.”

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Bryan Welden comes highly recommended by Rossmoor Real Estate, who trust him to take extra care of the many senior citizens and retired folks who live in Rossmoor.

Born and raised in Walnut Creek, Bryan’s been painting locally for more than 25 years. He specializes in fine interior and exterior finishes. Inside, he does lacquering, enameling, and textured wall surfaces. Outside, he renovates and re-stains weathered decks, and waterproofs and seals cracked stucco.

Bryan prides himself on wearing fresh painters’ whites every day, and on taking meticulous care of his clients’ properties. “I only do one job at a time,” he says. “I don’t turn your home over to someone else, and we don’t start another one until we’re done.

“It’s just a great feeling to completely revitalize someone’s home. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of taking something old and run down, then making it look pristine and new.”

Bryan can help you pick out and coordinate your colors. He will paint several large sample areas so that you can see exactly how different shades look before making your final decision. He itemizes everything on his bill from start to finish—so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Bryan guarantees a profesional application of all his work. “If something goes wrong, I’ll fix it,” he says. “I’ve built my business entirely through word-of-mouth.”

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