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Detail Carpet Care
1271 Traynor Road
Concord, California
Voice: (925) 246-9364


  • “I found them in the Good Service Guide a couple years ago, and have been using them ever since. They’re very reliable, careful, and do a great job. They are my carpet people!”

  • “They’re wonderful, really great. The last time we had them out, they did our bedroom carpeting, which is white, and gets really dirty. They did a fantastic job. No complaints!”

  • “I would highly recommend Detail Carpet Care. Sometimes companies aren’t careful with your things or leave scrape marks on the floorboards, but Detail are really respectful of my home, and that is important to me.”

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You don’t have to give Jerome and Marie Wheat an $85 tip for cleaning your carpet – but that’s how much a delighted client recently gave them after seeing the quality of their work. Detail Carpet Care is the name of their business, and it’s attention to detail that sets them apart from other cleaners.

Both Jerome and Marie are Certified Carpet Cleaners, but these days Marie does most of the cleaning.

She specializes in cleaning carpets and upholstery using the latest hot water extraction equipment to get fabrics really clean and dry.

“Some people think you shouldn’t wet clean carpets,” says Marie. “But carpet is a fabric, just like clothes. To really get the dirt out, you need to rinse it.”

“With the water extraction power we have on our truck-mounted unit, your carpets will completely dry within a few hours.”

Marie can get anything out of carpets—rust, chewing gum, candle wax. (We know: he recently got a red wine spill out of our Contra Costa manager’s carpet, and even gave her a useful tip on how to minimize red wine stains—pour white wine on top!) They also offer emergency water damage repair if a tub accidentally overflows, or rain comes in through an open door.

“We’ve both been cleaning carpets for 10 years,” says Marie. “I take a personal interest in our clients, and I treat their home as if it was my own.

“For example, a lot of cleaners whip their hoses around corners, which marks the baseboards and woodwork. We have special protectors, and we physically walk the hose around the corners. People really appreciate that.

“It doesn’t matter where you live, or the size of the job, we provide the same quality every time,” says Marie.

“There are other carpet cleaners out there, but there are none better!”

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