East County Painting

(Cabinets, Painter, Plaster/Stucco, Wall Patching & Repair)

East County Painting
License: 655025
3121 View Drive
Antioch, California
Voice: (925) 757-1963


  • “He painted the inside and outside of my house. He’s very honest, reliable, does a good job, and his prices are very reasonable.”

  • “He painted my home and my office, and he did a really nice job on both of them. Mel is very nice, thorough and neat., and his prices are very reasonable. He got the job done on time, and I would definitely hire him again.”

  • “Mel? I love the man to death! He does a great job, he’s clean, on time, and fabulous. He’s painted the whole outside and inside of my house, and the stair railing. He’s on the top of my list! People actually stop by my house and ask me about the colors and who painted my house.”

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Don’t compare apples with oranges when evaluating different painters’ bids. Ask yourself whether you’ll get the experienced owner, or a crew of unskilled laborers. Will your painter work on your home exclusively, or will he juggle your job with three others? What will the quality be like? How long will the paint job last?

Mel Felix, owner of East County Painting, has been beautifying Contra Costa homes, inside and out, for more than 20 years. He also takes on smaller jobs—patching sheetrock walls and acoustic ceilings, painting and staining doors, cabinets, and interior woodwork with a variety of different finishes and techniques. He also paints and waterproofs outside decks, railings, gazebos, trellises, and fencing.

“I work on every job myself,” says Mel. “That way I can make sure the owners get a good job. I start when I say I will, and I stay until it’s finished.

“I always cover and protect everything inside and outside the home, as well as the landscaping around the property.

“I’ve found that if you do a good job on one home, people will recommend you to their friends. That’s how I get 90% of my work.

“I make sure that everyone gets the best work possible.”

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