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Fine Line Renovations
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Pacheco, California
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  • “They renovated a deck that had never been treated., and it looks beautiful. It was a pleasure to do business with them. Richard was very informative. I know when my friends see my deck they’ll want him to do work for them, too!”

  • “They were excellent, and their pricing was great. We’d be happy to recommend them to anyone. Our experience with Fine Line Renovations was so good that we now get all of our contractors out of The Good Service Guide!”

  • “They finished our front porch and our backyard deck from top to bottom. I thought that the price was exceptionally reasonable for the amount of work that had to be done. Very honest and straight forward. Our deck is now beautiful!”

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Your beautiful redwood deck won’t look that way for long unless you maintain it. Water, barbecues, fallen leaves – and especially the East Bay’s intense sunlight – play havoc with wood. The longer you leave your deck untreated, the worse it will deteriorate. The fact is, you have to treat your deck every year or so.

Richard Houghton runs Fine Line Renovations, Contra Costa County’s best deck refinishing company.

“A homeowner can probably find someone who’ll say they can restore and protect a deck for less money,” Richard explains. “But the reality is they won’t take the time, or apply the number of coats of top-quality wood sealer and preservative that we do. The deck will look OK when they leave, but it definitely won’t hold up for as long as a deck that we’ve restored. You won’t end up saving money, because your deck will have to be re-treated sooner.”

Like painting, the secret of deck refinishing is in the preparation. Richard and his crew go over every inch of a deck, including hand rails and steps, checking for stains and signs of rot or damage. They powerwash using just the right level of pressure – too little, and you don’t get stains out; too much, and you tear up the wood surface.

Once the deck is clean, they perform no less than three complete sandings to get it smooth and free from sander marks. Then they apply at least two – not one – coats of an environmentally-safe, specialized wood finish which stains, seals, and protects at the same time. Each coat then takes a day to dry. It’s a time-consuming process. But done right, it will last much longer.

“My whole business is based on quality,” says Richard. “We take an old, discolored deck, and make it look like new. Every job we do turns out looking beautiful.

“I’m a low key guy – I’m not going to hound you to maintain your deck. But don’t let it go too long. It will only get more expensive to repair, and you may end up replacing it.”

Richard offers free estimates throughout the County.

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