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Jeff Wortham and Associates
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  • “They are very professional, and we enjoyed working with them very much. Their prices are completely reasonable. We would highly recommend them!”

  • “We would definitely recommend them. They are wonderful landscape architects and they came highly recommended to us by many people. Jeff is great to work with. People always notice our yard! We would definitely use them again.”

  • “They are great. They were responsible, had wonderful follow-through, and were very detailed. Jeff is such a nice person to work with— he has even come by since the job to check up and take pictures.”

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If you want a garden that gets published in magazines and attracts admiring compliments from passers-by, do yourself a favor: hire a licensed landscape architect. Landscape architects are relatively inexpensive – typically, their fees run 5% or less of the total construction budget – but you can really benefit from their extensive design training.

“In California, anyone can call themselves a landscape ‘designer’,” says local landscape architect Jeff Wortham. “It’s important to understand the difference between a ‘designer’, and a Landscape Architect. The minimum requirements are a four-year degree in Landscape Architecture, followed by two years of experience under a licensed Landscape Architect. There are no such requirements for a designer.”

Jeff is also a licensed landscape contractor. Although he no longer installs landscaping, he works closely with the chosen contractor when construction begins. His hands-on construction knowledge is invaluable, because he understands both the installation process and the design.

“I provide contractors with a complete set of detailed plans which the homeowner and I have agreed on, including all the irrigation, drainage, planting, lighting and hardscape. This puts the homeowner in a strong position to evaluate different bids, because now they’re comparing apples with apples.”

Jeff begins by meeting homeowners on their property for a free consultation. After showing photographs and plans of his previous work, he will inspect your site and listen closely to what you’re trying to achieve. He then prepares two alternative designs. This allows the owner to compare different options, and how they fit with their budgets, before reaching a final decision.

“I don’t have a particular ‘look’, or signature style,” Jeff explains. “I feel that my job is to reflect the owner’s requirements, tastes, preferences and life-style, as well as responding to the site, and the house’s architecture.

“Clients say that I’m very good at intepreting their wishes and reflecting them in the design. Once we’ve finalized your plans, I can help you select a contractor to ensure that your job is built exactly as specified.” Check out the photographs of Jeff’s landscapes at

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