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Live Oak Decks
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  • “I was so impressed with their knowledge about decks and foundations. They caught something that the original designer of the house missed, and added some support beams under our deck that serve as part of the foundation. They were responsive, and I was very happy with them.”

  • “I was more than happy with them! They replaced part of our foundation, and they were clean, on time, their crew was great and there were absolutely no problems. What more can I say?”

  • “I love them! They’ve done work for my mother, my uncle, and on two of my projects. I’m an architect, and they do things right. Will is a “can-do” kinda guy, and their work is always top of the line. Their workers are very respectful, and the communication between the crew and the office is great.”

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Is your deck looking tired and weather-beaten? Are some of the boards beginning to rot? Live Oak Decks will thoroughly inspect your deck, repair it (if necessary), then make it look great. Having brought your deck back to health, Live Oak Structural will help you maintain and protect this valuable part of your home. It’s much cheaper than buying a new deck!

Live Oak Decks grew out of Live Oak Structural, the well-known East Bay termite repair company. As owner Terri Carver explains, “During routine pest control inspections, we often see decks which look good, but whose support structure is slowly deteriorating to the point of no return.

“It’s such a waste of wonderful redwood – and money – to just let the deck rot to the point where replacement is your only option.”

Live Oak tailors their treatment to the specific needs of your deck, especially with a view to prolonging its useful life. They widen the gaps between decking, remove trapped debris, replacing rotten or damaged areas, strengthen the framing with additional support, waterblast the wood to remove surface grunge, then sand the entire walking surface.

This sanding, which most companies don’t do, will dramatically improve your deck’s life as well as its cosmetic appearance, because the bumps and hollows where moisture collects are reduced.

Finally, they apply a range of stains and finishes which protect the flat surfaces from both water and sunlight. An annual touch-up will preserve your investment and keep your deck looking fantastic.

“The difference between us and other companies,” explains Terri, “is that we are wood specialists. We inspect and repair the entire deck, repair it as necessary, and beautify the part you can see. It’s all about durability and appearance.”

Ask Live Oak Decks to show you the “before and after” pictures of decks they have renovated. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

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