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  • “They insulated the entire East and West walls of our home. They were on time, neat, and their prices were fair. They put so many holes in the wall, and now that the job is done you can’t even tell where they were!“

  • “I’ve lived in the East Bay all my life and I never realized that insulation could make such a difference. My home was built in the 30s, and I just thought you had to have the heat on all winter. The whole house feels more substancial now, and the walls muffle sound.“

  • “As a general contractor who uses McHale Insulation on the older homes we renovate in the East Bay, I can highly recommend them. They are always on time, available, friendly, and very professional.“

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Hot and stuffy in summer, chilly and draughty in winter – that’s the seasonal weather pattern inside many East Bay homes. If your house was built before 1972, when insulation became a standard requirement for all new construction, it’s almost certain that your house is uninsulated.

The good news is that for about $1,200 to $1,500, you can insulate your house from top to bottom, wrapping it in a snug, fire-resistant blanket that will dramatically reduce heat loss in winter, and heat build-up in summer. And it only takes a day to do!

“The difference we make is amazing,“ says Tom McHale, owner of Northern California’s oldest insulation company.

“People spend thousands of dollars on new energy-efficient windows, then wonder why they’re still cold.

“We can insulate five times as much wall and floor space at a fraction of the cost of new windows. Just insulating your attic alone will make a huge difference to your year-round comfort.“

Most people think of insulation as that icky, pink fiberglass batting. Nowadays the preferred method is to “blow in“ recycled newsprint which is also fire-retardant.

The installer makes small holes in the walls, then fills the interior wall cavities with insulation material, packing every inch of the framing from the joists to the studs. He then patches and smoothes the drywall, so the holes are invisible.

A former Parks and Rec Director, whose wife still teaches in the Lafayette Schools, Tom says that many East Bay homes are still completely uninsulated

McHale Insulation has done 70,000 homes over the past 27 years, and does between 10 to 15 homes every week. They will match any legitimate insulation contractor’s bid.

Insulating your home is simple and low cost home improvement that will quickly save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling bills, while making an immediate difference to comfort year round.

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