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  • “I checked around and their prices were well within the normal range. They did a good job of inspecting my home in Oakland. I was very satisfied. One of the best things about them in that they will reinspect your property for reinfestation once a year for five years afterwards.“

  • “I wanted a company that didn’t use harsh chemicals, so I went to their website and read about what they do before calling. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough, and went out of their way. I’m happy to have found an environmentally friendly termite company.“

  • “They did a very good job indeed! They handled the extermination of termites for us, as well as some prevention. The job was completed about 3 months ago, and we’re very happy with the work that was done!“

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Termites thrive in the Bay Area’s warm, moist climate. By themselves, these tiny insects are harmless – until they start munching on your house. Then you have no choice but to eliminate them.

Until recently, that meant leaving your property for several days while it’s fumigated with a noxious gas that kills termites, but also most living things nearby (like your landscaping).

The good news is that more environmentally-friendly methods are available. Bill Mashek of Northwest Termite practices “Integrated Pest Management“ to control termites. He uses a combination of different approaches, whether that’s zapping the little critters with microwaves or electricity, or a combination, depending on the situation and the extent of their infestation. Poison gas (fumigation) is strictly a last resort.

A long term member of the environmental group Friends of the River, Bill is a prominent industry advocate of “least toxic“ methods of pest control. His company is recommended by many Bay Area environmental protection organizations.

“Everyone likes to be ‘green’, but when they’ve got termites, they want them dead,“ Bill explains, “We use a variety of treatments, and least toxic methods about 90% of the time. But when a termite infestation has become widespread, we recommend whole house fumigation as the only effective solution.

Northwest Termite’s comprehensive property inspection covers all the essential systems and structural components from the ground up. They then present a detailed report, and discuss the options available to you.

“We are a progressive company – technologically, politically, and environmentally,“ says Bill. “We can also show you how to protect your property from further infestation, and how not to “invite“ termites into your home.“

Northwest Termite offers the most effective, “least-toxic“ approach to termite control, at competitive prices. Their website is filled with information about termites, different treatment approaches, and how you can live with these wood-destroying pests. Visit, or call (800)281- 2710 for a free consultation.

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