Peter Irving Electric

(Electrical Contractor, Lighting)

Peter Irving Electric
License: 716757
Serving Contra Costa County
Alamo, California
Voice: (925) 933-6879


  • “I’m an industrial electrician, but I decided to hire Peter Irving for my residential work after he was recommended by my realtor. He rewired about 80% of my home, and he did a quality job. Peter Irving runs a good outfit.”

  • “I’ve worked with Peter for about 9 years, after finding him in your book! Our transformer blew, and our lawn guy cut our wiring! Peter redid all that. They are reliable, and immaculately clean.”

  • “I own a construction company, and work with about 50 subcontractors. He’s the best one. I’ve worked with him for 18 years now. He takes care of business, gets the job done, and gets the job done right.”

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If you want a reliable, professional electrician, Peter Irving Electric does it all, from installing phone lines, cable TV, ceiling fans and hot tubs, to completely re-wiring an old house or a new addition. They also do inspections, consulting and commercial work.

“We do everything from installing a new electrical outlet, to a complete lighting installation,” says Peter. “We exceed city building codes to satisfy your electrical needs, both now and in the future.”

When it comes to electrical work, safety is paramount. Peter and his employees are extremely concerned about potential hazards to life and property. In fact, they make a point of thoroughly checking your home for dangerous situations, even when it’s not the primary reason for his visit.

“Customer service is my number one priority,” he explains. “I try and help people out. For example, we’ll go into our customers’ homes once a year and change all the light bulbs that they can’t reach, or which are inaccessible.”

As well as troubleshooting and routine home electrical repairs and upgrades, they also install lighting systems bothinside and outside the home.

“Regardless of how big or small the job,” says Peter, “ We take pride in everything we do.”

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