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  • “He’s very good. He comes once a week for us, tries very hard to fix any kind of problem, and is very understanding. You can always call him and ask questions about anything. He’s very friendly, very responsive, and I’ve never had any problems with him.”

  • “He cleans our pool every Friday, takes care of all of the chlorine levels, sweeps around the pool, and makes sure that everything is running properly. He’s responsible and conscientious, and he’s always availiable if something happens. We’ve been using him for 5 years now and we’re very happy with his service.”

  • “Ron is a good worker, and dependable. He helped me out when I was having some major, major problems with my previous pool service. The pool started to turn green and he came in and figured out the problem and got it up and running again. I’ve used him for quite some time. He’s a really good person to work with, and he has a great work ethic.”

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Is that a pool in your yard, or an algae-filled aquarium teeming with tadpoles and other pond life? If you’re starting to wonder what’s living under the surface, but you’re too scared to stick a toe in to find out, call Ron’s Pool Service and ask him to clean those murky depths.

Ron Newcomer will get your pool or spa back to its pristine, original state, brimming with crystal clear, sparkling water. He’ll scrub the sides of scum, vacuum dirt and debris off the bottom, clean or change the filters, then chemically re-balance the water.

As well as spring cleanings and one time tune-ups, Ron offers weekly maintenance plans where he grooms the pool, checks the filters, and generally makes sure it’s safe, clean, and ready to splash around in.

“I give people top-quality service for a very reasonable price,” Ron explains. “I don’t just walk in, pop in some chlorine and leave. I thoroughly check the system for problems, and leave a list of what I’ve done.

“I can take care of all minor plumbing and electrical repairs.”

A Pleasant Hill resident, Ron got his start working in a retail pool supply store. “People would tell me that they had no idea of what their pool service was doing, or if they’d even been there. So that’s why I leave a check-list. I want my clients to know that I was there, rain or shine, and exactly what work I did for them.

“The difference is service,” says Ron. “This is my bread and butter. I’m the owner, and I’m the person who’ll clean your pool.”

“I show up on my appointed day, and I take pride in going way beyond other pool or spa services. Most of my original clients have stayed with me ever since I started several years ago.”

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