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The Upholstery Shop
21 Beta Court
San Ramon, California
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  • “Where do I start? Rod is timely and honest, and the craftsmanship on all the pieces they have done with us has been just superb. We do some actual furniture design; all we have to do is go over the plan once with them. In short, they’re wonderful.”

  • “I’m an interior designer and have had only excellent experience with them. They’ve done 30 or 40 pieces for my clients, and I’ve never had a problem. They’re the experts- I tell them what I’m looking for and they make it work.”

  • “I had a sectional that they made into a sofa by adding arms and reupholstering. I just had them recover my patio furniture, and they came in at half the cost of buying new cushions. They use quality products, and designer fabrics. I’m very impressed with them.”

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Most people don’t know what really good furniture feels like. It’s the difference you notice in the bed of a really good hotel, compared to the bed you sleep in at home.

Many of the County’s interior designers send clients to The Upholstery Shop, sometimes commissioning custom pieces.

What sets owner Rod Mahnami apart from other upholsterers is his experience as a furniture designer. Show him a picture of a $10,000 sofa from an upscale magazine, and he can probably reproduce it at the same quality – or even better – for half the price.

But Rod doesn’t usually cater to the Rich and the Famous. He is a down-to earth guy, whose shop is filled with dismembered chairs and sofas in various stages of restoration.

“We don’t just recover – we improve on the original,” he explains.

“One of the things I can do is change the “sit“ of the chair or sofa. That’s the perfect combination of seat height, depth, and “pitch“ (the angle at which you lean back), that makes a chair truly comfortable. We can customize it so you have more support. We can also extend or add extra pieces to a chair.”

Rod and his fabric consultant will help you pick out the right fabric – the perfect choice that coordinates with your home decor, goes with the style of the chair, and fits your personal taste.

He has a wide selection of materials, colors, and patterns, in prices ranging from economical to exclusive.

“I’m not expensive, but I’m not the cheapest bidder out there,” he explains.

“When pricing upholstery, ask if they strip the piece right down to the frame, and thoroughly clean and, if necessary, replace the springs. Can they repair wood, or add extra pieces if a customer wants it. Are they going to fill the cushions with foam or down? There’s a lot of skill and artistry involved.

“At The Upholstery Shop, we focus on the piece as a whole, not just the covering,” says Rod. “We’ll make sure that you enjoy comfortable and luxurious furniture for years to come.”

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