Thomas Mulliken Painting Contractor


Thomas Mulliken Painting Contractor
License: 319838
2766 Camino Diablo #B
Walnut Creek, California
Voice: (925) 930-9130


  • “They do excellent work. His crew was very neat, and respectful of my home. Even a year later, I am noticing the little extra touches they did— like carefully painting and re-attaching an electrical plate that was always loose. All the little things that most painters skip over.”

  • “I’m a contractor, and I’ve worked with a lot of painters. Tom is the best! The quality of the job was excellent. It was a very good experience. They were very easy to work with, and very professional.”

  • “Tom did my kitchen cabinets, which turned out gorgeous, and my entertainment center to match. He also painted the whole exterior of my house. It was beyond my expectations. They are tidy, friendly, and helpful. I’ve never had such a good experience. He was worth every penny!”

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Here’s a straightforward, down-to-earth house painter who will do a good job for you, on time and on budget. Tom Mulliken Painting was recommended by one of the builders in The Good Service Guide. Tom grew up locally, and he has been painting homes in Contra Costa County for many years.

“My wife and I had a painting business 27 years ago when we were in high school together,” he says. “We’d load up our little Volkswagen and paint a one bedroom apartment for $25 and a two bedroom for $35!”

Tom’s prices have gone up somewhat since those days, but then he does offer more in the way of skill and experience!

He and his crew do everything and anything related to painting. They do waterproofing, re-stain decks and woodwork, paint interiors and exteriors, and prep walls for wallpaper.

“I want to take the pressure off my clients’ shoulders,” he explains. “You can trust us to make the right decisions in terms of color and paint finishes.

“People are amazed at some of the little details we take care of—like removing the numbers on their doors and polishing them before putting them back. We protect everything from paint. We never have to remove paint after we’ve finished, because there’s nothing to remove!

“I’ve lived and worked in this area for 20 years. I’m very proud of my reputation and of my repeat business. Great relationships and straightforward business is what it’s all about. My goal is to be your painting contractor for years to come.”

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