You Asked For It

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You Asked For It
142 Gardenia Court
Martinez, California
Voice: (925) 798-5869
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  • “Debbie is so great— reliable, and a great person. Her cleaners are polite, on time, and professional. When I was moving they made everything look wonderful for the open house. Debbie has a very strong sense of customer service, and she’s very respectful of my time and my life.”

  • “They do a fabulous job! We have regular cleaning service twice a week. She has the keys to my house, I trust her that much! The job always gets done no matter what. They will polish my silver, iron my tablecloths, or whatever I need. Her people are well-trained and professional, and Debbie is an excellent manager.”

  • “I’ts been 4 years, and they always clean better than I ever could. They are so honest and thorough. Other services have started off doing a decent job, and then gotten shoddy— that has not happened here. I also have a lot ofrespect for the way Debiie treats her employees.”

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Your mother won’t pick up after you any more – but Debbie Guyton and her employees will. As well as being incredible housekeepers, they will look after your pets when you’re out of town, keep your plants healthy, and generally do just about any domestic chore you could wish for.

You Asked For It is the name of Debbie’s business, and people from all over Contra Costa County entrust her with all kinds of tasks and responsibilities. They do laundry and ironing, make beds, get your house spotless using nontoxic cleaning products, cook meals, go shopping, and assist the elderly.

Debbie learned housekeeping as a child, helping her mother clean the homes of some of the county’s wealthiest residents. She then went on to work for an office janitorial service, while working days at an interior plant care company. When you hire You Asked For It, you’re benefiting from years of expertise, and lots of heart.

“People can tell when their pets and plants have been loved,” Debbie explains. “Whether we’re cleaning someone’s home, or helping an elderly relative, we put love into everything we do.

“Many of our clients don’t know what clean is until they’ve seen what we can do. They think they’re coming home to a new house!”

Debbie’s all inclusive approach to home care extends to light painting, pre-rental and construction cleanup. “My customers were always asking me to fix things. I kept saying, ‘You asked for it, I fixed it.’ So that’s where our name came from.”

Whether you need regular help, or help with just one large project – or simply some advice on how to clean different surfaces like granite, Corian or hardwood, you can always count on You Asked For It.

“I guarantee our work,” Debbie says. “I want all our clients to be happy.”

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