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Chris Fortner Construction
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  • “Chris replaced our second story deck, our ground level deck, and put in a new door leading out to the backyard. Everything was done well, up to code, and we had no problems. Chris and his crew are helpful and informative, really nice and very professional. We would not hesitate to use them again.”

  • “Chris did a complete kitchen remodel, and renovated our family room. He did everything- from the electrical and plumbing, to the lighting and finish work. He did a great job, and was great to work with. He was communicative, had good prices, and overall it was a very positive experience.”

  • “Chris put in a new mahogany front door, built a new deck, and put in a new patio on the ground floor of my home. He did a nice, clean job, was innovative, and always thought of good ways to solve problems. He listens well, and works hard to give you what you ask for.”

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Like most building contractors, Chris Fortner depends on word-of-mouth for new clients. We heard about Chris through a Good Service Guide-listed home repair company which recommends him for projects beyond the scope of a handyman, but which won’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars and six months to complete (as most remodels do nowadays).

He can do quick kitchen and bathroom remodels, or decks, patios, even fences and outdoor carpentry – he’ll take on the small stuff if he has a gap between projects.

Now 34, Chris has been working full time in construction for almost 20 years. He works on every job with his two key craftsmen, Ty and Gabe, both of whom he’s known since childhood. Between them, they have all the skills required to do all their own electrical, plumbing, tile and finish carpentry. As Chris says, this usually makes for a quicker job – no waiting for sub-contractors – and for a better finished product because he controls everything.

On remodels, Chris prefers that you have construction plans. He primarily sees himself as a builder and installer for people who know more or less exactly what they want, or who have purchased products they need installed.

So have your tile, faucets and paint colors picked out when you call him, and you’ll save money because you’ll only be paying for labor directly related to the job (not for shopping).

He is a family man who raised two children as a single parent before meeting his wife, a nurse, with whom he has one new child. “Having kids myself, I can understand what clients with kids have to go through during construction,” he says.

“I like to get to know my clients,” he says, “I want them to feel comfortable, and to tell me if if they don’t like something. Since we depend on word-of-mouth, we need people to be happy and to say nice things about us.” Judging from the people we spoke to early in 2005, they are.

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