Co-operative Cleaning Company

(House Cleaning)

Co-operative Cleaning Company
2107 Woolsey Street
Berkeley, CA
Voice: (510) 845-0003


  • “I’ve used them for about 15-20 years. They do general housecleaning for me— dusting, cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. I often leave them alone in the house to do the job, and they are honest, work with integrity, and never break anything. They do the job that I’ve hired them to do, and I get good value for my money. I’m semi-retired, and I am happy to have them here to do the cleaning jobs so I don’t have to. Cooperative’s housecleaners are always very nice people.”

  • “We’ve been using them for about 3 years now. They are good people, they’re cheery, and they come in and get the work done. We’re very happy with them.”

  • “They come once a week and clean our house, and we’re very happy with them. They do a good job and are reliable and trustworthy. They’re very good people to work with. We get our money’s worth.”

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Could you use an extra two or three days a month to do the things you love? Most people spend at least that much time cleaning house every month. Call The Cooperative Cleaning Company and let them take care of your housecleaning chores.

Top-rated for price and quality by an independent consumer survey, The Cooperative Cleaning Co. is the East Bay’s only cleaning service which sends a three-person team to render your whole house spotless from top to bottom.

Your cleaning crew will dust, vacuum, mop, collect trash, polish furniture, clean your kitchen and bathrooms, and change sheets. You won’t need to run out and buy supplies the night before, because the Cooperative Cleaning Company’s crew carries all the tools and supplies they will ever need.

Let the office know ahead of time and the crew will clean out a refrigerator, clean a pre-sprayed oven, or wax floors. They also offer upholstery cleaning, and a highly effective “dry“ method of carpet cleaning.

The Cooperative Cleaning Co. can provide you with cleaning help weekly, every other week, or on every fourth week. If you sign up for regular cleaning, you’ll be scheduled on the same day, with the same crew and at a set price.

You can also use The Cooperative Cleaning Co. for occasional cleaning, for move-in/move-out cleaning, for top-to-bottom Spring cleaning, sudden visits from in-laws, or have them clean your office.

They accept credit cards, are fully insured and bonded, and all their cleaners are employees, covered by Workers Compensation.

And, best of all, they guarantee their cleaning. “If ever there is a misunderstanding with a regular client, or if we miss something we’ve agreed to do, we’ll do a correction for free within 24 hours.”

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