Daryl Rush Builders

(General Contractor)

Daryl Rush Builders
License: 314184
3631 San Pablo Ave
Emeryville, California
Voice: (510) 654-1050


  • “They did a major remodel building a living space underneath our home. They also did a new kitchen and a couple of bathrooms. It was a major job! Artistically and aesthetically Daryl is very good. His workmanship is excellent and his care for the client is great.”

  • “We have a very eclectic house, and he was not only great on the construction end but had the added benefit of a great aesthetic. He brought a great team of people. My husband is an engineer and they worked together on the foundation reinforcement and earthquake retrofit.”

  • “The work they did on our 100 year old house so enhanced the look that a year later we are still marveling! They did a sun room addition, altered two bedrooms and did an earthquake retrofit. Daryl’s workers were quiet, clean, and very easy to have in the house.”

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If you want a dream home, you’ll need a builder who makes dreams come true. That’s why people call Daryl Rush Builders.

Daryl specializes in one-of-a-kind construction jobs…like building a ninth-century chapel to house a client’s antique radio collection, or a mini-village of three homes in Berkeley.

Daryl’s company once built an entire house out of huge timbers recycled from the old Proctor and Gamble soap factory on Sixth Street. The owner lost his home in the 1989 Hills Fire, so he asked Daryl to carve ancient symbols on the timbers to ward off fire spirits and other unpleasant manifestations.

“We bring out the unique features of each home and tailor it to the owner’s wishes.” says Daryl.

“We work for people who want their homes to express their creativity, and for whom their living environment is very important.”

Daryl and his employees do attic conversions, kitchen and bath remodels, and space reconfigurations, in everything from tiny bungalows to hillside mansions.

“We design everything in concert with the owner, occasionally helped by my wife, who has a master’s degree in architecture. I have a small crew of subs, plus a network of local artisans and craftspeople I’ve known for years. I’ve been in Berkeley since the early 1970’s. I love what I do!”

If you want to remodel your home to be creatively designed and to truly reflect your personality, Daryl’s the person to call. Ask him to show you his portfolio of the unique remodels he has done throughout the East Bay.

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