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  • “Sally definitely belongs in the Good Service Guide! She’s been maintaining my garden for seven years. Her crew comes twice a month and they’re such nice guys. She has a wonderful system—things just get done. She’s efficient, and very knowledgeable.”

  • “Sally is great! She maintains my garden in Kensington, and I love her crew She also helped me re-design my yard last year. I had very strong ideas and she went along with them, while making useful suggestions.”

  • “Sally is much more than a ‘gardener’ — she is a horticulturist with an excellent crew. She knows what will thrive when and where. She always responds right away. We’re very fussy—we wouldn’t use her if she didn’t do excellent work.”

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Do you need to bring order to a garden that’s completely overgrown? Does your garden or landscaping look its best all year long?

Sally Dinwoodie and her gardening crews handle maintenance and clean-ups throughout the East Bay.

As an experienced horticultural gardener, Sally provides garden staging for home sellers, consults with homeowners about garden problems, and provides advice on landscape design.

“The people who hire me are sophisticated, care about plants and want a well kept garden,” she explains. “Often they love to garden themselves but just don’t have the time.

”In some cases, my crew and I take care of the majority of the garden, and the owners can tend their favorite rose bushes or vegetable patch.”

Sally will care for your plants according to their seasonal needs.

That means regular fertilizing, mowing, weeding, adjusting irrigation, dead-heading, mulching, aesthetic pruning and trimming, aerating and planting. Sally is trained in plant identification, pathology, insects, weeds, soil science, plant physiology, pruning, pest control, plant nutrition and native plants.

“I’m very involved with every garden or property we tend. I will make sure that your garden is exceptionally beautiful and healthy.

“I almost always keep the same crew on a property for the long term, so that they know the garden and are in tune with its needs”

“We maintain and design gardens in many styles,” she says, “including native plants, formal landscapes, California, English, Mediterranean, rose and vegetable gardens.

“I also do garden staging. We can give your home instant curb appeal by adding flowering plants and creating an inviting garden appearance.”

Sally is happy to consult with garden-loving homeowners who want to learn more about how to care for their garden or any garden issue they need help with.

For more information, call Sally, or visit her website at www.tlcgardener.com

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