Five Star Housekeeping - A Referral Service

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Five Star Housekeeping - A Referral Service
Serving San Francisco and The East Bay
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  • “We’re very pleased. We’ve had the same young woman at our home in Oakland for several months now. She knows what she’s doing and she has a nice attitude. If I ever want to make a change, or I want to ask questions, I can always get through.”

  • “I’ve been using them since about 2001. They are fast, thorough, and they pay attention to all the little details. They are extremely reliable.”

  • “I’ve had the same person now for over 2 years, and they’ve made my life so much easier. They’re on time, efficient, and do hotel-quality work. I mean, Five Star— the name says it all.”

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Finding and keeping a good housecleaner is a huge challenge these days – you need a team of dedicated professionals to help.

Formerly a General Manager at two of San Francisco’s finest hotels, owner Karen Czujko knows how difficult it is to find reliable and consistent help. For the past 9 years, Karen has been using her hotel experience to connect residents with some of the Bay Area’s best independent cleaning professionals.

“We serve clients who are looking for a reliable source of professional cleaners,” she explains. “Through the extensive local contacts we’ve developed over the years, we’re in contact with many different cleaners, which allows our clients many different options. We perform a thorough assessment and screening of every domestic worker that we refer.”

“We’re really matchmakers,” explains office manager Monika Harrison. “The secret of a successful referral is recognizing that each client has different needs and expectations. We only refer cleaners who will work with you, and put your priorities first. And because we have access to many screened cleaners, we can easily make changes at your request.”

Monika is available at the office full-time to handle your booking, to find the best match for you and to assist in all your scheduling needs.

Recently featured on “How to Choose a Good Housekeeping Service” on CBS Channel 5’s “Consumer Watch” with Jeanette Pavinni, Five Star Housekeeping Referral Agency offers competitive rates for housecleaning and domestic help– and their repeated inclusion on the Better Business Bureau’s “Honor Roll” every year testifies to their continuous dedication to customer satisfaction.

Says Karen: “We have the experience, we have the resources, and we’re here to help.”

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