Jacobs Spring Fresh Cleaning

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Jacobs Spring Fresh Cleaning
9990 Orr Springs Rd.
Ukiah, California
Voice: (510) 303-8954


  • “I’ve been using Robert for at least five years. He’s bright, and professional. He also cleans drapes and rugs with non-toxic cleaning agents. He’s a nice guy, and absolutely trustworthy.”

  • “Robert is on the go from the time he gets here. He’s exceptionally thorough. He does our drapes for us, as well as heavy-duty exterior cleaning. We’ve been using him every six months or so for several years. We recommend him without hesitation.”

  • “He’s very personable, and serious about doing a good job. We use him about twice a year. He did a fantastic job on a couch that hadn’t been cleaned for years. It came out looking great.”

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You can do your own vacuuming, dusting and polishing, but what about the tasks that need muscle and specialized equipment – such as cleaning cathedral ceilings and hard-to-reach windows, draperies or upholstered furniture? For these heavy-duty chores, call Robert Jacobs’ Spring Fresh Cleaning.

“We come in where the maid service or house cleaner leaves off,” says Robert, who has been cleaning homes in the East Bay Hills for more than 20 years. “Many of our clients are professional people who entertain at home for their businesses. They need their homes to reflect a polished image.”

“We clean difficult or inaccessible areas. We clean windows and skylights inside and out, wash walls, scrub and polish floors, and gently steam clean carpets, drapes and upholstery.

“Outside we use high-pressure washing to remove cobwebs, mud and other dirt from your home. We clean gutters, driveways and sidewalks, and decks which we reseal with a two year guarantee.”

Wherever possible, Robert and his helpers use environmentally-friendly cleaning methods. He is particularly sensitive to the needs of people with allergies. “Our cleaning methods are not just non-toxic, but also hypoallergenic,” he explains. After we’re finished, there will be no residue or dirt left, just soft, clean fabric.

Jacobs’ Spring Fresh is fully insured – and Robert Jacobs guarantees your satisfaction, “even after your check has cleared the bank.”

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