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Lisa Bruce Studios
1225 Marin Ave
Albany, California
Voice: (510) 527-2376


  • “She’s a wonderful person! I would highly recommend her for electrolysis because she is fast, efficient and professional. I’ve also had her do some permanent make-up, and I love the results.”

  • “I first went to Lisa 12 years ago when I was in high school. After I moved to Southern California to go to college, I always saw her when I came home for a visit. I’ve been to cosmeticians in Los Angeles, but no one can compare to Lisa’s quality or attention to detail.”

  • “I’ve known Lisa for 15 years, and I feel that she is a terrific person and a true artist. As well as electrolysis, she has done my lips and eyebrows. She is extremely thorough. She really knows her stuff, and puts you at ease.”

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We’ve been hearing good things about Lisa Bruce for years – then one of our staff had her blonde eyebrows shaped and permanently tinted by Lisa, and said, “you’ve got to put her in the Good Service Guide. She’s fantastic!”

Lisa offers a full range of permanent cosmetic procedures, and also electrolysis (despite what you may have read about laser techniques, electrolysis is still the only effective way to get rid of unwanted hair).

She’s been performing electrolysis locally since 1982, and applying permanent make-up since 1992. Formerly president of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, she is deeply involved in setting standards and regulations for the profession. She uses the latest techniques, mild anesthetics, and the strictest sanitation procedures.

“Cosmetic make-up is really a tattoo,” Lisa explains, “I create realistic eye liner, eyebrows, and full lip color. I can camouflage some scars, and put nipples and areolas on reconstructed breasts after breast cancer. Many clients with cancer have their eyebrows and eyeliner done before chemotherapy so they are never without them.”

“In the East Bay, most women want to look natural, as if they’re not wearing make-up. Or they feel that their eyelashes are too thin, or that their eyebrows need more definition. I can give them a soft, natural look, which they can enhance with conventional make-up for a more dramatic look.

“We’re happy to answer any questions over the phone. Sometimes people want to come in to see our environment (it’s very nice, and filled with natural light). In fact, with permanent make up, I prefer that they come in first. They’re making an important decision, and I need to know that I can achieve the effect they want.

“With electrolysis, I know that we can make a major difference to people’s lives. Electrolysis greatly improved my self-esteem when I was younger. That’s why I got into this profession.”

Prices average $450 for most permanent cosmetic procedures. Electrolysis is by the hour. Open six days a week.

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