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Live Oak Structural
License: Lic# 665342, Structural Pest Con
702 Harrison St. #B
Berkeley, California
Voice: (510) 524-7101
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Contra Costa County


  • “They did some seismic retrofitting on my home, and they were outstanding. Being a woman dealing with contractors can sometimes be difficult. Live Oak listened, answered every question I had, and did excellent work. They were responsive, clean, patient, and professional. I have very high standards, and I really trust Live Oak.”

  • “I had about $60,000 in water damage on my home, and I hate doing home repair. Live Oak were as unobtrusive as possible, and I never had to worry about a thing! They were so polite. I would definitely recommend them.”

  • “We were very, very pleased with Live Oak. They replaced some rotted joists and leaking air vents for us. They were ahead of schedule, prompt in returning phone calls and coming out, and just really good to work with.”

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If you even suspect your home has rot, termites, or a foundation problem, don’t hesitate – call Live Oak Structural today for their professional opinion. By the time these kinds of problems become visible, they may require extensive repair work.

In an (admittedly) worst-case scenario, you might need an engineer to assess your home’s structural integrity; a concrete contractor to pour a new foundation; a drainage specialist to protect your home from rainwater and run-off; a wood specialist to replace rotten framing; and a termite company to take care of the bugs.

Your best solution is the one-stop shopping offered by Live Oak Structural.

Listed in The Good Service Guide since 1992, Live Oak Structural is known throughout the East Bay for their environmentally friendly approach to pest control, structural repairs and for renovating and restoring wood decks, (see page 69).

“Most of the damage we see is water-related,” explains owner Terri Carver. “It might be wood rot, or foundation damage. Often a drainage solution is required to prevent the original problem from re-occurring.

“We look at the big picture and the best way to protect your home. As general contractors and structural experts, we have the expertise, the knowledge of local conditions, and if necessary we can bring in specialists from our network of professional contacts.

Live Oak Structural repairs and replaces foundations, and does seismic and structural upgrades. They drill piers for hillsides, and build retaining walls. They also design and install French drains and other systems to channel water away from the house and out to the street.

“We design thoughtful, durable solutions and build for the long term,” says Terri. “We have been in business here in the East Bay for 20 years, We have a reputation to maintain. People trust us. They know that we will not compromise on the quality of our work.”

Live Oak Structural provides detailed termite reports and professional inspections and estimates for all types of structural repairs and deck restoration.

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