Mr. Handyman

(Handyman, Home Repair)

Mr. Handyman
License: 807495
21 Golden Gate Drive, Ste. A
San Rafael, CA
Voice: (925) 228-2888
Also listed in:
Contra Costa County


  • “Mr. Handyman has been to my house 16 times, and done all kinds of things from painting to repair to building doors for closets. They arrive on time, and their work is excellent. I think they’re a very businesslike, good service.”.

  • “They found the leak in my bathroom and fixed it the first time. They had to replace the bathroom floor and some of my bathtub plumbing, and they did a good job. They were always punctual. I would definitely use them again.”

  • “They’ve done several jobs for me. They replaced the florescent lighting in my kitchen with recessed lighting, and redid the sheet rock. They’ve fixed my doorbell, and patched a hole in my living room ceiling where we took out a stove. I feel comfortable leaving them in my home alone. I’m currently having them replace a screen door on my front porch.”

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You know that ever-lengthening list of house repairs you’ve been promising you’ll get around to “some day“? Well, here’s a reliable company you can give your list to and finally be done with it.

Meet Mr. Handyman— the one-stop shop for all your homework.

No job is too small for this licensed, bonded and insured home repair company. Whether it’s crumbling grout, sagging ceilings, a broken fence, jammed locks, leaky faucets, or blocked gutters, Mr Handyman does all the “fix-it jobs“ that most general building contractors won’t touch.

“Homeowners have a real problem finding someone competent an dependable to do small jobs,” says owner Michael Gornet. “Builders and remodelers are not interested in minor repairs, and that leaves a huge gap in the market.”

The son of an electrical contractor, Michael spent his career in the corporate world, working in human resources for blue-chip companies such as BofA and Humana. He then brought his administrative skills to the business of home repair, opening Mr Handyman in 2002.

“We’re bringing a professional image to the handyman business,” he explains.

When you call Mr. Handyman, the first thing you’ll notice is that a live human being will answer the the phone. Their knowledgeable customer service reps schedule each technician’s appointments early in the day— leaving them available to you for more time if necessary, or if you suddenly think of another job you want them to take care of.

Every Mr Handyman technician is an employee, not an independent sub-contractor. Each is bonded and fully insured, and highly experienced in the trades.

The solution for all your household repairs, Mr Handyman strives to always live up to their motto of “On time. Done right“

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