Roofing Contractor

  • Advanced Roofing

    Oakland / Berkeley Bay Area reliable experienced roofing company handling big and small jobs. High-quality roofing at competitive prices.

    1450 Viking Street
    Alameda, CA
    Voice: (510) 522-2565
  • General Roofing Company

    80 year old general roofing firm, providing replacement for all types of roofing, from flat tar and gravel to shakes, shingles, tile & slate roofs. Also gutters & downspouts and waterproofing.

    3309 Elmwood Avenue
    Oakland, CA
    Voice: (510) 536-3356
  • Westco Roofing

    General roofing contractor in Oakland which offers a wide range of roofing solutions, from a simple replacement roof to roofing systems which will last a lifetime.

    763 46th Ave
    Oakland, California
    Voice: (510) 533-5270

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