Sattler Electrical Service

(Electrical Contractor, Lighting)

Sattler Electrical Service
License: 590534
484 Lake Park Ave Suite 47
Oakland, California
Voice: (510) 531-4525


  • “They’re marvelous! Our house was built in 1921, and he completely revamped and upgraded my electric system. He put recessed lighting in the kitchen, and it’s like having a new kitchen! From the minute we met him I felt comfortable and safe having him in my home.”

  • “We had a big job, and Sid was very good about communicating with us. His workers are courteous and did a beautiful job. We definitely added value to our property. I heard wonderful things about him before we used him. We will definitely hire them again.”

  • “Our old house needed to be rewired, so we had Sid come in and fix everything. His crew is so nice, the kind of guys we would have over for a barbecue! We’re very comfortable having them in the house. Friendly, responsive— he’s worth every penny.”

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If you want guaranteed, professional home electrical upgrades or repairs, Sid Sattler is the man to call. Sid does it all – electrical emergencies, troubleshooting, main service changes, installing baseboard heaters, spas, and security lighting. He can completely rewire an old house or hook up a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom. He does cable, phone and computer network wiring, as well as inspections, consulting and commercial work.

“We do everything from installing a new electrical outlet to a complete lighting installation,” says Sid. “We exceed city building codes to satisfy your electrical demands both now and in the future.”

Sid is very concerned about potential hazards to life and property – which is why he will probably recommend an inspection of your home on his first visit.

“We routinely correct small, but potentially hazardous conditions, like overfused or bare wires, wherever we encounter them,” he explains.

“We make owners aware of problems early on. We explain different options in language they can understand so that they can make informed decisions. I can help people accomplish their goals by phasing the projects over time.We also accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.”

Sid has been working in the field for over 30 years. He will recommend or bring in other qualified professionals if necessary. He also measures electromagnetic fields [EMF’s], and can advise you how to reduce your exposure by rerouting branch circuits and grounding, or eliminating plumbing currents.

“Regardless of how big or small the job, we take pride in everything we do.”

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