Springwood Builders

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Springwood Builders
License: 526233
3501 Hamlin Road
Lafayette, California
Voice: (925) 283-1222
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Contra Costa County


  • “Oh, they are wonderful and their work ethic is just terrific! We were almost sorry to see them go. At the time our child was seven years old, and they were so considerate of our family and treated us great. During the whole remodel they really worked with us.”

  • “We’ve been working with Springwood for 8 years. Every couple of years they remodel one or two rooms in our house. They’ve just finished gutting and completely remodeling our kitchen. They are very professional, and are perfectionists like my husband and I. They are helping our dreams of a beautiful house come true.”

  • “They did an upstairs bathroom addition for us, as well as work on our investment properties. Working with them is like having a guest in your house! They are collaborative, honest, helpful, practical and considerate. I stopped getting competitive bids after the first job they did for us.”

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If you’re looking for a good, honest contractor to guide you through a remodeling project, look no further. Call Springwood Builders.

“Service–and the quality of our work–is of the utmost importance to me,” says owner Karam Khalsa. “Craftsmanship, good service and integrity are the foundation of our business. We emphasize good design features, selection of materials, and quality of workñ all of which promote durability, longevity and low maintenance. And of course we want the project to look great when finished.”

“My clients are usually living in their homes while the remodeling takes place,” he explains. “I do my best to minimize the impact on their lives while we’re working. We plan our work very carefully, and keep our clients informed about what we are doing, and what they can expect during construction. I make sure that we finish our projects on time, and on budget.”

Karam builds first and second story additions, remodels kitchens and bathrooms, and renovates living areas. He specializes in the details and finishing touches which are so important in remodeling…especially when it comes to kitchen and bathroom projects.

Born in Berkeley, Karam has 26 years experience remodeling and building homes in the Bay Area. In recent years, he has become increasingly interested in “green” building principles. This can mean anything from good design features and careful workmanship, to using materials that promote a healthy, “natural” home environment, sustainability and energy-efficiency.

Karam and his employees are skilled in every aspect of construction. “I want people to feel completely comfortable with us, and with their project–and to know that they can trust us to do a good job.”

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