Sunshine Enterprise

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Sunshine Enterprise
2485 Shoreline Drive #101
Alameda, California
Voice: (510) 749-1061
Fax: (510) 749-1480
Pager: (510) 726-2621


  • “Harry keeps track of the things he does for me in his diary, as well as what things need doing. Every two weeks, he does all my woodwork, dusts the lamps, and cleans the rugs. He can do anything. I am very happy with him.”

  • “They are so good! It’s so refreshing to find somone you feel comfortable with cleaning your home. I have them do heavy duty cleaning every so often. I completely trust them. Give them big accolades from me!”

  • “I have them come in every now and then. They do a very thorough cleaning, and they do it well. I have a big two-story house in Piedmont, and I trust them so much I don’t even stay here when they come.”

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Spring cleaning? Any time is springtime in the Bay Area. Here’s a cleaning company which doesn’t mind getting down and dirty.

We heard about this heavy-duty cleaning company from a woman who hosts regular social events at her home in Piedmont. She said that these guys are the best cleaners she has used.

Sunshine Enterprise offers residential house cleaning services, like kitchen and bathroom cleaning, tidying, dusting and vacuuming carpets (they don’t do laundry, or make beds).

But where they really shine is in the grimy, hard labor some of us would rather postpone. “We clean places that haven’t been cleaned in generations,” says Harry. “We don’t go in with a feather duster and a sponge. We take the time to really clean thoroughly, using tested, safe products.”

Harry and Carlos get scum and mildew off shower curtains and tubs, scrape baked-on food and grease off stove-tops, ovens and ranges, and shine linoleum, ceramic tile, and hardwood floors.

They clean carpets using either steam, foam or dry methods, and clean and polish windows inside and out. They also provide commercial janitorial services.

They provide fine furniture care and wood refinishing, upholstery cleaning, and wax tabletops and antiques until you can see your face in them,

Sunshine Enterprise is fully insured. They guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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