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  • “SurfClean is absolutely fantastic! I have white carpeting, and a black dog who leaves paw prints all over everything. Victor makes those carpets look brand new. His knowledge of carpet cleaning, his courtesy and his professionalism are unlike anything I have come across before.“

  • “I have a long history with SurfClean. They recently did my Oriental rugs, my carpets, the chairs in my dining room, and my staircase. They did a very professional and effective job. I’m always impressed with their friendly, courteous attitude, and most of all, their price.“

  • “I’m an attorney in Berkeley, and I’ve had my rugs cleaned by SurfClean for about 5 years. I highly recommend them for their effectiveness, reliability and courteousness. A good choice!“

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Dirty carpets do more than make your home look drab and dingy, they can also affect your health. From molds and allergy-inducing dust and pet dander, your carpet can harbor some nasty bugs.

“You need to vacuum once a week – and more frequently if you have pets,“ says Victor Dominguez of SurfClean Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning. “You should also have them professionally steam cleaned using hot water extraction twice a year.“

Victor has been cleaning carpets in the East Bay for 13 years. Recommended by major carpet manufacturers such as Dupont, Solutia and Monsanto to handle warranty work for their East Bay customers, Victor is certified by IICRC – the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

These people take the professional cleaning business very seriously, keeping up withall the latest developments in the industry, including products, equipment, and more efficient methods of producing quality work.

“I have several cleaning packages to fit the cleaning to meet your specific needs,“ Victor says. “I’ll tell you up front what we can and can’t do! Then you’ll decide (without pressure) if we should proceed.

Before beginning the cleaning, Victor and Alfredo (his right-hand man and main technician) protect the corners on every wall, do a pre-vacuum, and pre-spray to loosen up soil.

After the steam cleaning and hot water extraction, they leave plastic booties so you can walk on the carpet while it dries.

Victor guarantees your satisfaction 100 percent. He will call the next day to make sure you are happy and there are no touch-ups needed.

“People tell me they love taking their shoes off and rubbing their toes in the soft, fluffy carpet after they get the most thorough cleaning they’ve ever experienced.

“For friendly free advice,call us and tell us your concerns and we’ll do our best to find a solution for your needs.

Victor has an informative website, and a free information phone line (1-888-256-1548, ext. 86164) where you can learn six misconceptions, four recommendations, and seven questions to ask a carpet cleaner before you invite them into your home.

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