The Floor Show

(Hardwood Floors)

The Floor Show
License: 817853
2547 8th St, #21
Berkeley, California
Voice: (510) 845-4633


  • “I had 12-year-old hardwood floors I was adding onto, and two other outfits told me they needed to be replaced, but The Floor Show said that matching wouldn’t be a problem. I have to tell you, they did what they said, and said what they did. They worked WITH us.”

  • “They did our floor in July of 2004, and they did a fabulous job. I would recommend them without hesitation. I cannot say enough about how great of a company they are!”

  • “They re-did our floors, and they did a phenomenal job! My cousin, who is an architect, had them do his wood floors in Berkeley, and he was pleased with their work as well. We’ve used them since then, and they’re coming out soon to do a new project for us.”

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Ask about hardwood floor companies in the East Bay and it won’t be long before somebody mentions The Floor Show. Since 1978, this team of local sanding and refinishing experts has been receiving rave reviews for their work in beautifying and restoring worn and scratched hardwood and softwood floors.

The Floor Show handles all kinds of repairs, from water and termite damage, to invisible patching of unused furnace vents. They specialize in environmentally safe finishes and coatings, as well as offering stains and polyurethane finishes.

The Floor Show is “a very Berkeley company…but with an East Coast work ethic!” say founder Allison Studdiford and her partner Michael Dunn.

“We are extremely thorough, and we keep to a tight schedule. We show up on time, and we finish when we say we will. We strive to stay in good communication with our customers at all stages of the job, from the estimate to the final coat.”

The Floor Show can save you money by providing simple instructions on how to prepare your home and have a clear work area before the crew arrives.

“We take the time to tell people exactly what to expect before, during and after refinishing,” says Allison. “That way we can keep the disruption to your home and life down to a minimum, while giving you a beautiful new floor.”

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