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  • “I can honestly say that we have never been so pleased with a home improvement. It was a pleasure dealing with such nice people, and such fine, diligent craftsmen. The price was more than fair given the quality of the work.”

  • “We own an old Oakland schoolhouse where most of the windows had been painted shut over the years. Not only did Wooden Window reverse the aging process and make them operate like new, but their workers were absolute gentlemen. They were very courteous and neat, and we felt confident about leaving them alone in our home.”

  • “It’s refreshing to know that such excellent service still exists! Our new wood windows look beautiful, and fit perfectly. The crew was wonderful, and they completed more than a month earlier than promised. These windows have significantly enhanced the appearance and value of our home.”

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Do you have to wrestle with your old, wooden windows to get them to open? (Perhaps you’re scared to even try to open them, in case they fall apart!)

Wooden Window specializes in designing, manufacturing, and replacing doors and windows. In business since 1983, they have restored and enhanced some of the Bay Area’s most architecturally distinguished buildings and residences, including homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Julia Morgan, and Bernard Maybeck.

Wooden Window works on older homes of every shape and size. Using your existing window openings, they will replace your old, drafty fixtures with warm, natural windows made from the highest-quality woods.

They remodel existing frames and sills without damaging stucco. They also repair dry rot, re-putty and re-glaze, replace sash cords, and free stuck double-hung windows.

“We are the Bay Area’s window experts for traditional and upscale homes,” explains Bill Essert, company owner (and former trumpet player with the Oakland Symphony orchestra and the San Francisco Ballet ).

“Usually it’s cheaper to repair or restore an original window than to replace it. But if replacement is the only option, then you should install windows that match the style and materials of your home’s original architecture. This preserves, and even increases your property value. We can make curved windows, and include leaded or stained glass as appropriate. We can also incorporate the latest energy and/or sound-efficient glass into any window design.”

While most window companies simply take measurements then have your windows manufactured elsewhere, Wooden Window’s craftsmen actually hand-make your windows from vertical grain Fir at their 10,000 sq.. ft. showroom and shop. It’s definitely worth a visit there, if only to find out what really goes into making a long-lasting, custom window, and to know the company that stands behind them.

In most cases, installation takes just a few days. Call Wooden Window for a free consultation – or look at the photographs of their work at woodenwindow.com.

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