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Craftcare Hardwood Floors
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San Francisco, California
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  • “I used them 2 years ago to refinish the floor in my living room, and this summer they installed a similar floor, and blended the two beautifully. The crew was very, very nice and always cleaned up after themselves. I was completely happy with them!”

  • “They have an outstanding crew, were meticulous, and always came on time. They were so good at listening to me and guiding me through the process. The estimate was very thorough, and it was a very clean job. Just all around outstanding!”

  • “This was my first encounter with Craftcare. It will definitely not be my last. I was never disappointed in what I had done before- but it’s like owning a VW, and everything is wonderful until you buy a Cadillac.”

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Nothing adds to the grace, charm and beauty of a home or office like natural hardwood flooring – and no one knows more about hardwood flooring like Craftcare Hardwood Floors.

We heard about this company from a Good Service Guide reader who hired Craftcare do her floors,. She was so pleased that she wanted other people to know about them. Craftcare’s expertise in reviving and restoring existing hardwood floors (and installing new flooring systems), has earned them a reputation for skill, quality, and customer satisfaction over the past 16 years.

Craftcare knows that sanding and refinishing wood flooring is an art, as well as a craft. Each Craftcare flooring technician is a highly-trained, proven professional, personally directed by owner Bryan McCue. Bryan closely manages every job, so if you have a problem or a question, he can take care of it immediately.

“We specialize in customer service,” he explains. “For example, if you want to leave town while we’re working, I can e-mail you digital photographs at every stage of the project. If you choose to stay in your home, we will make life as comfortable as we can, for as long as we are in your home.”

Craftcare also installs all types of new hardwood flooring systems. They create elegantly simple or exotically complex designs, using oak, maple, cherry, and more exotic woods from Africa and Australia.

“You can see photographs of our work at our website at,” says Bryan. “You can compare different treatments, read customer references, and check out our license, bond, and worker’s compensation information.

“Prospective clients are also welcome to visit my family’s home in Noe Valley, where I’ve refinished existing floors and installed new floors, as well as creating flooring samples.

“The bottom line is: we give free estimates, we’re competitively priced…and our work is outstanding.”

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