Crystal Springs Painting Company

(Asbestos/Lead Abatement, Painter)

Crystal Springs Painting Company
License: 416213
13928 Skyline Blvd.
Woodside, California
Voice: (650) 244-9691


  • “I had my kitchen remodeled, and new cabinets built. The workers were very neat, always extremely nice, and really went the extra mile to make everything look great. They did such an excellent job and I couldn’t be more happy!”

  • “They power washed and prepped the surfaces before they started painting. They even repaired termite damage in the eaves, sealed off the windows, and primed everything! They took great pains to protect my plants and bushes. I’m really fussy, and they were just great. They get an A+!!”

  • “Oh, they were marvelous! I had them come out to do some extensive repair on water damage. They put the perfect finishing touch on the repair job— painting the walls and part of the stairwell. They arrived on time and cleaned up like I’ve never seen! I’ve never had anybody do a better job— everything was so professional. I’ve had several home improvement jobs done over the years, and nobody’s matched their quality!”

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“My firm has been in business on the Peninsula for 32 years - we’ve been here a long time,” says Chris Norling, president of Crystal Springs Painting Company.

“Our customers come back to us over and over again. Right now, I have a crew working on a home that I first painted almost 40 years ago when I was at San Francisco State.”

Crystal Springs Painting specializes in fine interior painting, decoration, and renovation – the high-profile work that’s very visible, and where there can be no “mistakes”. They offer flawless enameling, glazing, wood finishing, staining, and lacquering. (Naturally, they’re happy to take on exterior paint jobs, too!)

At Crystal Springs, quality in the finished product is emphasized above all else. “Our typical customer is someone who wants the best job possible,” Chris explains, “People for whom craftsmanship, care and attention to detail are paramount.

“We have such a high rate of repeat clientele because our customers demand, and receive, the best job money can buy.”

Most members of Crystal Springs’ painting crews have apprenticed in the Painters and Decorating Contractors of America, and each is certified by the California Department of Health Services in hazardous lead abatement.

Chris provides his painters with continuous, on-going training and education so they can improve their craft, and provide the excellence Crystal Springs’ customers expect.

“Equally important is the fact that I only employ people you can trust, and feel comfortable with in your home,” Chris explains. “Everybody on our staff is courteous, well-mannered, and pleasant to be around.

“There’s no secret behind our quality: it’s directly related to the amount of time and effort we put into our paint work. And time is money. Not one of our clients has ever complained that we’re taking too long. We produce the highest quality work money can buy.”

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