De Martini/Arnott Painting Company

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De Martini/Arnott Painting Company
3004 Canyon Rd.
Burlingame, California
Voice: (415) 697-4780


  • “I would definitely use them again. Brett keeps a very close watch on the project, and is very conscientious. They painted both the interior and the exterior of my home in Redwood City. I recommend them!”

  • “They recently painted our home, and did a great job. They were on time and finished early! They’re neat, clean, tidy, and, except for the beautiful new paint, you’d never know they were here! My husband’s a local builder, and he uses them too. They’re outstanding.”

  • “They were very helpful in helping me choose the colors, which was something I wasn’t expecting. They also did a faux marble finish on our fireplace— we get compliments on that every time anybody sees it. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

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“We’re a service-oriented company who will exceed your expectations and provide a totally professional finish to your home,” says Rich De Martini, of De Martini/Arnott Painting Company.

Lifelong Bay Area residents Rich DeMartini and his partner Brett Arnott have been painting Peninsula homes for 30 years. “I started painting when I was attending college,” Rich explains, “I stayed with it because I found I was very good at it, and I really enjoyed the work.”

Today, Rich and Brett have painted more than 10,000 homes. They complete several hundred jobs every year, using seven crews of highly qualified, professional painters.

“Two of our foremen have been with us almost 20 years,” says Brett. “We have very low employee turnover.”

80% of a beautiful paint job is preparation - getting the wood smooth and ready for new paint. DeMartini/Arnott is one of the Bay Area’s only painting contractors with the experience and know-how to burn off old paint with propane torches. It’s a skilled process, requring a high level of care, and training. But in the right circumstances, it’s an incredible system for preparing a home for new paint.

DeMartini/Arnott Painting does all types of interior and exterior painting. They also specialize in “faux” (special effects) finishes, and lacquering. They do free color consultations, and will brush out a selection of boards in different color combinations. This lets you see how different colors look at different times of day, and under different lighting environments – which is crucial to getting the exact shade you want.

“We provide hassle-free painting,” says Rich DeMartini. “85% of our business comes through referrals from referral business. We offer a five-year guarantee, where most painters offer three. We only use top-quality materials, and we’re ready to handle any special requests our customers have.”

“In business, the biggest challenge is exceeding customer expectations, and that’s what we do best at DeMartini /Arnott Painting.”

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