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Franz Termite Control
4041 Transport Street
Palo Alto, CA
Voice: (650) 493-0445


  • “They are an excellent company–I wouldn’t use anybody else. I’ve been using them for years, and I can’t say enough good things about them. Use them!”

  • “I think Franz really is the best. Michael really attends to the needs of his clients. I’m a realtor with Coldwell Banker in Palo Alto, and I’ve used Franz Termite for all kinds of pest control and structural work for 20 years.”

  • “As a realtor, I have the choice of working with many termite companies, but Franz is the top of my list. They are fabulous. They’re honest, they return phone calls promptly, they show up on time, they don’t inconvenience peopleÖthey’re unbelievable! They really are the best.”

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Every year, millions of dollars of California property damage is caused by termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Ridding your home of these destructive critters is what Franz Termite Control does best.

Founded in 1971, this family-owned and operated business brings a level of service, understanding, and care to their customers that’s unusual in a field dominated by national chains. “The really big companies don’t always provide the best service - in fact, they often create customers for us,” explains Michael Judas, Franz Termite’s owner.

“We try to always exceed our customer’s expectations. We do this by not only performing a thorough inspection and detailed explanation of our findings, but by taking the time to explain all the options available to the homeowner.

“We also take the extra steps necessary to ensure that future problems don’t arise. For example, if we notice there’s a leaky gutter, we’ll point this out, so a quick and easy repair which can be executed today doesn’t turn into a costly dry-rot problem in a couple years.”

Franz specializes in three areas of pest control, each related to wood destroying organisms: local treatment for dry-wood termites (accompanied by a one year guarantee); subterranean termite treatments (two year guarantee); and fumigation, which comes with a three year guarantee. “Our 3 year guarantee is the best in the industry,” says Michael.

Franz uses the least-toxic chemical treatments available that are effective against termites.

Franz Termite Control has a dedicated and professional staff, with extremely low turnover. One employee has been with the firm for 32 years, and their foreman has been with them for 15 years.

“Our office is fully staffed during business hours,” says Michael. “You’ll always have a live person answering the phone.

“Being available to our customers is part of our philosophy of always exceeding their expectations.”

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