Peninsula Chem-Dry

(Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery)

Peninsula Chem-Dry
101 Industrial Road
Belmont, California
Voice: (650) 347-6972


  • “I’ve been using them over 12 years and I’ve never had to complain. My carpet is probably 20 years old now, and just the other day someone said, “You look like you have new carpets!” I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

  • “We have been a customer of Peninsula Chem-Dry for the last six years. We find their crews know what they’re doing, are always on time, and make the house beautiful.They’re competent and courteous, take note of trouble spots, and always leave the place to our total satisfaction.”

  • “I’m a realtor, and use them exclusively. Their response is incredible, and Norma is awesome. Their emergency response is great. I use them for every listing that needs it, and I’ve never had a bad experience with them. What they do more than anyone else is cater to their clients.”

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D.I.R.F.T. – Do It Right The First Time! With 18 years of experience in the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business, Mike Goff of Peninsula Chem-Dry knows the importance of doing it right the first time.

Mike thrives on happy customers and their appreciation of Peninsula Chem-Dry’s superior work. Mike loves the Chem-Dry process for fabric and carpet cleaning. “It’s very gentle on fine fabrics. And since it has a very short dry time, my customers can resume use of their newly cleaned rooms in one to three hours.”

The patented Chem-Dry method uses a revolutionary carbonated process which is safe and non-toxic. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning methods, Chem-Dry doesn’t drive dirt deeper into carpets, like other cleaning systems can do. You never need to worry about shrinkage, or damage to the underlying surface if you have hardwood floors or concrete beneath your carpet. The Chem-Dry system is also highly effective on high traffic areas.

“Our biggest challenge is keeping our customers happy,” explains Mike. “We have an extremely loyal customer base, and we’ve survived in this highly competitive market by giving the customer prompt, courteous, and competent service, on time and on budget.”

Born and raised on the Peninsula, Goff is proud of his crew and their exceptional work. Office manager Norma Wesolowski manages the scheduling and dispatching of the crews, and makes every effort to accomodate customer needs as quickly and promptly as possible - often getting the crews onsite and in customer homes the same day.

“Norma and my crews are regularly complimented on their exceptional work, says Mike.

“Making customers happy, delivering a superior service and product, and receiving those compliments is why we’re still here after 18 years.”

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