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  • “We had been using another company to clean our chimney, but we never felt fully satisfied after they left. We just used Warm Solutions for the first time, and we are so happy! They did a very good job. They cleaned the inside and outside so thoroughly, it was like we got extra service! Nobody else has ever done such a good job on our chimney.”

  • “I am an interior designer, and it is such a pleasure to work with a company offering such efficiency and consideration. Jose and his assistant did a beautiful job installing our fireplace, and the painting of the surround looks fantastic. They left everything in such a clean condition! We will be enjoying the warmth of our home for many years to come.”

  • “My fireplace was leaking during heavy rains. The other company I asked could not help me fix the problem, but Warm Solutions put a ‘hurricane cap’ on, and now it never leaks! They were very efficient and were able to provide me with what I needed.”

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Did you know that one of the leading causes of home fires (after unsafe electrical wiring) is a chimney fire? Or that many Bay Area chimney fires are a result of excess creosote and soot in the chimney?

Chimney cracks in the fireplace and flue system, often caused by earthquakes, are also a chimney hazard.

While most chimney fires can be prevented by annual cleaning (it’s the accumulated soot, tars and oils on the inside of your fireplace and chimney that catch fire), you should have your fireplace and chimney flue system evaluated to make sure that tons of brick and mortar does not topple in the next “Big One”.

“Many local chimneys are so old that we can pull out bricks with our bare hands,” says masonry contractor Joe Pirini, owner of American Chimney Services (ACS). “Those chimneys are a safety and fire hazard as well as being smoky and inefficient.”

American Chimney’s technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. ACS provides complete chimney cleaning, repair and restoration service, including a comprehensive safety evaluation of your entire system, from the fireplace to chimney cap.

After a complete evaluation of your fireplace and flue system, they will make recommendations to make your fireplace safe and enjoyable.American Chimney’s technicians are certified by the Hearth industry’s leading manufacturers of Gas and EPA-Certfied Wood burning appliances

Don’t put off cleaning your chimney because you’re worried about mess. “Our hands are the only things that get dirty,” says Joe. “We completely seal off the fireplace, and cover all your carpets and furnishings with protective covers.”

Warm Solutions, American Chimney’s showroom, offers everything you need to install a beautiful fireplace almost anywhere in your home – even in places where you might think it’s not possible.

“We want you to enjoy a clean, safe fire,” says Joe. “Call us or visit our website at for all your chimney and fireplace needs.”

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