“A Clean Act To Follow…”

(House Cleaning)

“A Clean Act To Follow…”
3463 Mission St
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 979-4460
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  • “I’ve been using them for a couple years. They are responsive, communicate really well, are careful with my personal things, and are reliable. With A Clean Act To Follow, I never have to worry about anything!”

  • “We’ve been using them for a long, long time, and we think they are very good. They have this amazing vacuum cleaner that just gets everything! Their fees are reasonable, and we’ve always felt that they are great.”

  • “I’ve been getting great service from them for about 15 years. Their prices are fair, they have great attention to detail, and most importantly I can completely trust them in my home when I’m away.”

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Too busy for housework? Call “A Clean Act To

Follow…” and let them take care of your home. Jan Hetherington and her cleaning crews make short work of unmade beds, stacks of dirty dishes and dusty floors.

They will dust, vacuum, mop, collect trash, polish furniture and scrub your home from top to bottom. They’ll get your kitchen and bathroom gleaming, put a load of laundry in the washer, change bedding, and get the cobwebs off your ceilings.

“It’s like an ongoing spring cleaning,” says Jan. “We get behind ovens and fridges, move furniture so we can clean underneath.

“We even make your home seem bigger by polishing every smooth surface until it shines, and cleaning right to the edges and corners of carpets, floors and counter tops.”

Jan usually sends out two-person teams to clean. They are experienced, trustworthy people you’ll feel comfortable having in your home. Each cleaner is an employee, covered by workman’s comp. Bonded and insured, “A Clean Act to Follow…” brings their own nontoxic cleaning products, and hypo-allergenic vacuuming equipment.

“I’m trying to bring some ease into our clients’ lives,” says Jan. “One of our clients says that when she comes home, it’s as if her house is smiling at her! I strive to maintain a warm, all-encompassing relationship with all my clients. We try to make their lives as pleasant as possible.”

You’ll love coming home to a clean house (or office). Call Jan for more information and a free estimate.

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