Automatic Garage Door Corp.

(Garage Door Repair)

Automatic Garage Door Corp.
License: 671116
2285 Revere Ave
San Francisco, CA
Voice: (415) 298-0444


  • “The installer was very thorough and went about his work quietly and diligently. He went over every little screw and bolt. He was pleasant and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend them!“

  • “I’m in property management, and I call Automatic Garage Door as problems arise at our rental units. They communicate with our tenants to set up times, and we even get a call from them to let us know that the work is completed.“

  • “I’m a general contractor, and the most important thing in my line of work is that the subs I use are on time, and deliver what they promise. Automatic Garage Door delivers everytime. Their prices are good, and I can count on them.”

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How’s your garage door holding up? Automatic or manual, you can make life a lot easier and beautify your home with a new, custom-made, sectional garage door. Automatic Garage Door is the City’s largest garage door company.

“Plenty of people in the City are still living with their original doors,“ says owner Mark Griffin.

“Nothing wrong with that, except that the newer, sectional doors work better and last longer. The old pivoted hardware doors can even be dangerous, because the springs break with age, and sometimes send metal flying.

“Automatic Garage Door can install a beautiful new door, in any shape or design, for the same price as a standard garage door off the shelf,“ says Mark. “Our cheapest doors start at around $1,000, and go up to $4,000 for a top-of-the line, kiln-dried redwood door with raised panels.“

Existing garage doors can be easily fitted with a remote control opening mechanism for a few hundred dollars. This inexpensive gadget will definitely increase your home’s value.

If you’re happy with your old doors, but just want them tuned up and adjusted, no problem. Automatic Garage Door has eight trucks on the road full-time, and their shop is open Saturdays as well. With the City’s largest selection of openers and parts, they’re able to provide counter service and help to do-it-yourselfers, too.

“We’ve been in business for 30 years,“ says Mark, who is a graduate of St. Finn Barr’s and Riordan High. “We’ve survived by standing behind our workmanship, by being organized, and having the most pleasant people to deal with.“

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