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Bright Plumbing
License: 316855
1631 Yosemite
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 671-1500
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  • “I called Bright for my kitchen sink. They arrived within 2 hours of my call to fix the sink, and came back today to work on a pipe on my back porch. They do very good work, use quality materials and they are fast. I would recommend them.”

  • “I think Bright is the best plumber in town! I have an old Victorian which wasn’t in very good shape when I bought it. I inherited Bright with the house, because the previous owner told me how good he was. He’s saved me thousands of dollars by keeping my pipes working!”

  • “Anyone would like these guys. They respond very quickly, they’re smart, and they’re all very nice. Their prices are fair, too. We’ve used them for 13 years.”

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As the oldest plumbing company in San Francisco, N.J. Cohen Plumbing, Inc. has been serving local homeowners and businesses since 1895—more than 100 years. “We have a tradition to maintain,” says owner Bright Winn, “and a reputation for good service, honesty and experience. We strive do our best for each and every customer.”

Although Bright himself has not been with the company for its entire history, he has been prominent in the Bay Area plumbing industry for 35 years. A past president of the Mechanical Industry Education Foundation, he has taught plumbing at a San Francisco trade school, and currently serves as a director of the San Francisco Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors’ Association, the oldest trade association in the United States.

Bright and six skilled technicians take care of everything related to residential pipes and plumbing. They fix broken toilets, clogged sinks and drains, replace gas pipes, install fire sprinklers, remodel kitchens and baths, and test backflows. There is literally nothing plumbing-related that this company cannot fix, replace or install.

Call N.J. Cohen Plumbing during business hours, and you’ll talk to a knowledgeable person (not an answering machine). Their professional office staff will quickly schedule an appointment at your convenience.

“We’re an honorable and honest company,” says Bright. “The people whose homes we work in like us and feel comfortable with us. We want you to be informed about the work we’re doing. We always let you know early on if we run into unforeseen problems.

“Our rates are competitive, and we stand behind our work,” says Bright. “With more than a century’s worth of experience in the City, we have thousands of loyal customers.”

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