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David York, D.C.
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  • “I didn’t used to believe in chiropractors. Then I met Dr. Dave! Within 3 weeks I had relief, and eventually the pain went away completely. He’s very knowledgable, he’s friendly, and he always makes me feel comfortable.“

  • “I was referred to Dr. York by a co-worker. He is very personable, has a good understanding of what he’s doing, and explains things to you in layman’s terms. Dr. York was able to fix my back on the first try. I also really like that he has on-site massage therapists.“

  • “I was diagnosed as permanently disabled because of my back problems, and was in physical therapy. My brother is a patient of Advantage Chiropractic, and he told me to give them a try. They were able to relieve all of my pain. I can now lift weights again and run again.“

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If pain or injury is keeping you from enjoying life, call Dr. David York. A recent survey of 100 of this gifted chiropractor’s patients found that he had definitely helped or improved their problem without surgery or drugs.

Back and neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, work-related injuries – in fact, most forms of persistent discomfort can be reduced, or eliminated by Dr. York’s healing hands.

What makes Dr. York’s treatment so effective is that he uses a variety of pain relieving methods. His first approach is to use proven chiropractic techniques to realign your vertebrae, in order to take the pressure off irritated spinal nerves and discs. Dr. York also uses: Chinese acupressure; motion palpation to release tension in the back’s muscles and ligaments; hot/cold therapy to reduce swelling and relax tense muscles; and soft tissue massage to wash away the stress from chronic pain.

An honors graduate of the top U.S. chiropractic school, Palmer College, Dr. York truly cares about his patients.

“I want people to get the relief they need, and at a price they can afford,“ he says. “I treat patients until 6:30 P.M. evenings, and most Saturdays. If you’re unable to move, I’ll make house calls. You can page me in an emergency. I’m available for you at any hour of the day or night.“

Dr. York’s fees are less than other pain relief specialists’. He accepts most insurance, and offers a wide variety of payment plans.

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