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Eco Hardwood Floors
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San Francisco, California
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  • “I enjoyed using them. I was really pleased with the quality of their work, and really happy with the finished product. The problem areas in my floor came out so well!”

  • “I own three homes, and they’ve worked on all of them. All of the other contractors working on my home caused problems, but Eco were great. It looks so beautiful. I hate to walk on it!”

  • “We own a duplex, and they have always maintained it. They also put a brand new wooden floor in the basement. Their work is impeccable. It looks amazing. They are so easy to work with, I would recommend them to anyone.”

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Have your hardwood floors lost their luster? Eco Hardwood Floors can take your old scratched, stained hardwood floor, and make it look brand new – or put in an entire new floor.

“We provide a very high level of service.” says owner Yoav Zadok. “I work on every job, so that if you have a problem or a question, you can get an answer on the spot.”

Yoav and his crew has been restoring hardwood floors in San Francisco for more than ten years. They can upgrade an existing floor by putting in inlays, specialty border patterns, and feature strips in mahogany, oak, and walnut. They install new floors, and repair, refinish and recoat older floors using a wide range of woods, techniques, stains and finishes.

“We apply three coats of finish instead of the normal two,” Yoav explains. “We match wooden heat registers. We put glides on your furniture legs to prevent scuffing the new floor. We do all these extras because it makes our floors look better and last longer.”

Refinishing hardwood floors inevitably raises a lot of dust, which will get everywhere in your house if it’s not carefully controlled. Yoav and his crew tightly seal doorways and entrances with plastic sheeting, and do everything they can to minimize the dust. They’re dependable, have good equipment, and always start and finish on time.

“We do really great work,” says Yoav, “but we won’t be your cheapest bid. I’d rather not get the job than cut the quality of our workmanship. With a cheap hardwood floor job, the problems only become visible with use. We spend time and money on materials to do the job right. I’m always getting calls from people who went with a cheaper bid, and now need to have the floors redone six months later.

“When we’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful floor that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. If you have a floor refinished and take good care of it, it’ll never need refinishing again.”

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