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Excellent Window Cleaning
16 Graceland Drive
San Rafael, California
Voice: (415) 821-9039
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  • “I run a janitorial service, and I use Excellent Window Cleaning all the time. They always do a great job, show up when they say they will, and are pleasant and honest. I’ve been using them for about 10 years, and have never had any hassles.”

  • “They’ve been doing my windows for several years, and they always do a fantastic job, for a good price. They are unfailingly courteous and polite.”

  • “We were very, very pleased with them. They cleaned the screens and windowsills, and basically bent over backwards to do a good job. Their pricing was fair as well. We would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

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Since reading about Excellent Window Cleaning in the Chronicle , we’re been recommending them to readers calling us for referrals, then following up afterwards to monitor their work. Everyone we’ve sent them to has been very pleased.

Frenchman Olivier Suzor started his window cleaning business in Marin County 15 years ago, then expanded into San Francisco.

He runs a tight-knit, very stable crew of window cleaners, all of whom have been with him for many years.

“We’re like a little family,” he explains, “I have a very good rapport with my guys. I pay them well, and I take good care of them. We carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation, and everyone is bonded. So I have little or no employee turnover – plus I know each man working for me, and what his skills are.

“All my guys know what to do, and how to behave with clients. People really like them. We have a very large repeat clientele.”

Unlike other window cleaners who don’t like to work too high, the sky’s the limit with Olivier’s cleaners. They do rope and ladder work, and will clean windows on all kinds of homes: from architecturally-complicated Victorian mansions to large apartment buildings.

When you call Excellent Window Cleaing, either Lena or Maria will answer your questions, schedule appointments and give you approximate costs for your job. Window cleaning runs around $8.00 per window (polished inside and out), so if you know the number of windows, you can get a good idea of what your job will cost.

Olivier recently expanded Excllent Window Cleaning’s service to include include carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as high-pressure washing of decks, patios, and exterior surfaces.

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