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  • “You’ll be very pleased you chose Didier. We’ve been using him for four years at our home in Noe Valley. He has helped us design our garden and installed several plantings, while also making our huge eucalyptus tree look better than ever.”

  • “His tree work is the best I have ever seen. I think he is incredibly talented and skilled and I feel great about being able to recommend him. My trees are happy and I am happy with them.”

  • “They have just done excellent work for me. Every aspect of what they do is very professional. Not only does he have a high level of technical knowledge and ability, but he has a strong artistic sense. And they are efficient. They are fast workers, and are an inspiration to me.”

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Don’t take those trees in your garden for granted. For many trees, San Francisco is not their natural habitat. Far from home, their roots often buried under cement, city trees need extra loving care. An unhealthy or neglected tree will eventually fall, causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Fine Tree Care is San Francisco’s leading tree care service. They specialize in all forms of tree care, from diagnosing and curing sick trees (removing them if absolutely necessary), to pruning, shaping, and training trees for maximum aesthetic and property value.

Frenchman Didier Termignon trained with some of San Francisco’s best-known arborists before starting his own company in 1996. He is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, and a UC Berkeley-Certified Garden Designer.

“Our work is our best advertisement,” says Didier (pronounced “didyay”). ”When you look at the trees we take care of, you can see our knowledge and skill. The aesthetics of the tree – how it looks by itself, and in relation to its surroundings – is very important to me.

“We’re not the cheapest tree service out there,” Didier explains. “While my hourly rate is comparable to other companies, we tend to take more time so we can do a better job. Most of our work is in the City, but we work all over the Bay Area.

“The biggest problem we see is with people whose trees have outgrown their space and blocked their view. You could just chop the tree back, but then you’d have a horrible looking tree that is under stress. We can reshape the tree, cutting it back in a way that allows the view to come through. But you need to give the tree time to grow into its new shape.”

As well as aesthetic pruning for both views and privacy, Fine Tree Care offers disease diagnosis and treatment, thinning, cabling, crown reduction, and removal.

Fine Tree Care offers free estimates on the Peninsula.

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