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  • “They’ve done a lot of jobs for me. It’s wonderful working with them— they’re on time, thorough, clean and courteous. They work well with neighbors, and are very professional. They’re able to handle difficult logistics with staging and scaffolding. Good men, and good work.”

  • “He painted our 3-story stucco apartment building, and he did a great job. We were really satisfied with the detail and care that he and his crew used to prep and clean up. He did what he said, and he did it well. I recommended him to a friend of mine, and she was very satisfied also. We’re going to have him back later in the year. Jim has a great staff of people that he’s been using for years, and I appreciate that. I feel very confident in referring him.”

  • “They painted our entire house- inside and out— and they did an excellent job. They are such nice people to have in your home! I have had bad experiences with other contractors who didn’t show, but I would definitely recommend Kim and his crew.”

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If your home is finished in stucco, you’re in good company. Over 50% of San Francisco homes are covered in that cement and sand-based plaster. But combine stucco with the City’s frequent fog and dampness, and you can end up with cracked walls, water leakage, or dry rot.

Waterproofings act like a raincoat for your home. “Paint is nice for cosmetic reasons,” says Kim Kelley, owner of Kelley Painting & Waterproofing. “But as far as protecting a stucco building, you should go with an elastomeric terpolymer (waterproof) coating. It will last longer than paint, and you will get better adhesion. It’s just much better.

“All our work comes with a written warranty, and in some cases, with a 10-year warranty,” says Kim.

With more than 20 years experience on both residential and commercial buildings in San Francisco, Kelley Painting & Waterproofing offers a complete range of services, including fine interior painting, color matching, sheetrock repairs, deck refinishing, and stucco repair.

“We usually have two to eight painters working on your home, and we stay on each job until it’s finished. We don’t juggle jobs, or leave your home to work on somebody else’s house,” Kim says. “We are DHS lead-certified, fully isured for liability, and all our painters are covered by Workers Compensation.”

“We do a professional, quality job, and we’re in and out of your home quickly, and on schedule.”

Note that Kim offers a 10% discount on any interior or exterior paint jobs scheduled in his slow season between Jan 31 and March 31st.

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