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O’Grady Plumbing
License: 746040
180 Mendell St.
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 647-9200
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  • “We have a small condo association and have used O’Grady Plumbing for two jobs, which they handled excellenty with efficiency and courtesy, Their knowledge in dealing with the City’s buereaucracy kept the progress of the work smooth. Part of one of the jobs was subcontracted, and even that part generated no problems. If we need plumbing done in the future they are first on our list!”

  • “I am a technician for SBC, and I noticed the quality of their work in a home I was running wiring in. I had them install a water heater for me, and take care of various plumbing. I referred them to my daughter. That speaks volumes. I really believe in the quality of their service.”

  • “They’re fabulous! I’ve been using them for the past 3 years. I am a property manager, and they take care of all my plumbing needs. They are very helpful and they always schedule me in. I like that they are a family-run business. I would give them your highest rating.”

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O’Grady Plumbing & Heating is the “Plumber’s Plumber.” These are the people that San Francisco plumbers call when they’re stuck for an answer—or need a part for an ancient faucet whose manufacturer went out of business 50 years ago.

“We’re famous for our product expertise and knowledge,” says owner Paul O’Grady. “We have a huge collection of hard-to-find parts, and we have access to many more that other plumbers cannot get.”

O’Grady Plumbing & Heating handles a vast range of plumbing and heating-related problems—everything from furnace tune-ups and clogged sewers, to installing low flow showerheads and repairing Whirlpool tubsÖplus all the normal services you’d expect from a licensed plumbing and heating contractor.

If you’re planning on buying any kitchen or bath fixtures, they know what faucets and appliances to buy and which products to stay away from.

All of O’Grady’s plumbers are journeymen with years of training. Even their least experienced plumber has been with him more than eight years.

Paul O’Grady has always had a major commitment to customer service. “We resolve all complaints very promptly and in the customer’s favor. If they still feel they shouldn’t pay, they don’t.

“In 10 years of business, I can hardly think of one complaint that we haven’t taken care of.

“We work with homeowners—we listen carefully to them and address their problems and concerns.”

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