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  • “They painted the exterior of my Victorian home. A lot of people hire the cheaper painting contractor, and shoot themselves in the foot. Phillip’s workers were very considerate and they put a lot of time into the clean-up.“

  • “I had an excellent experience with them. They did the exterior of my home and I liked them so much I had them back to do the interior. They are responsible, took great care, were very clean, and came in and got the job done. I have nothing but good things to say about them.“

  • “This is the best company I’ve ever used! I’ve had my Victorian house painted 4 times over the years, and this was by far the best job. Phillip went well beyond the call of duty. He was often out there working with his crew! I am so pleased.“

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Preparation is the single most important phase of a good, long-lasting paint job. Without the necessary attention to preparation, paint can peel or crack in a matter of a few years, leaving you with no option but to have the whole job done again, from start to finish.

Painting USA’s preparation process utilizes powerwashing, scraping, sanding, and priming. Owner Phillip Suh makes sure his employees caulk joints and cracks, repair stucco and wood surfaces, and completely mask all windows while covering and protecting plants and ground surfaces.

When it comes time to apply the paint, they offer many options, including brushing, rolling or their modern spray equipment. You can choose from the large selection of colors offered by Kelly Moore, Fuller O’Brien and Dunn Edwards. Painting USA is expertn special coatings, such as elastomeric, epoxy, graffiti protection, and waterproofing. Their attention to detail assures you of a quality paint job that will leave your home looking like new, and will last for years to come.

Painting USA can cover all types of commercial, industrial and residential buildings – from warehouses, shopping centers, factories and schools, to homes of any size and style.

They arrive with a modern fleet of trucks and equipment to efficiently handle your project, and are covered by Worker’s Compensation and Liability insurance, for your protection.

Check out their website at, where you can see photos of literally hundreds of homes that they have painted in The City.

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