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Rock And Rose Landscaping
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  • “I love them. We had horrible winds that almost blew over a ‘walking willow’ in my backyard, and they came right out and fixed it for us. The flow between Michael and I just led to this great thing. They do my weekly maintenance, offer great suggestions, and work around your budget. Tish actually calls to see what I need— they don’t just show up out of the blue. You really get taken care of.”

  • “About once a month they trim, clean, put in new annuals, and just generally take care of my garden, front and back. I have a maple tree, a lemon tree, and lots of fuchsias and perennials. Once a year they need cutting back. They’re always here when they say they’re going to be here, and if I’m not gonna be home I just leave the gate unlocked so they can get into the back.”

  • “They’re trustworthy, dependable and do good work. I’ve been their customer for 20 years. We have a small yard with a deck, and they cut back trees, ivy and bushes, and change the flowers— even the flowerpots! They keep it really fantastic and do everything you want.”

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Maintaining your garden of earthly delights takes more than a green thumb; it takes constant attention to plant needs and signs of stress. Without regular, sensitive maintenance, even the most perfectly landscaped property can quickly turn wild and unmanageable.

At Rock and Rose Landscaping, owner Mike Boss runs a full-service landscape design and installation company. Unlike most landscape contractors, however, he also offers garden maintenance, and has a division set up specifically for this purpose. These are not “mow and blow” gardeners. They are trained, professional horticulturists with many years experience.

“I call it ‘garden craftsmanship,’” says Mike, who holds a master’s in botany. “We specialize in restoring gardens and bringing them up to their true potential.

“Some clients want us to provide full-service garden care on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. For others, our services include making appropriate plant selections, providing irrigation management, quality pruning, or repairing a stone retaining wall. We tailor our service according to each client’s particular needs.”

Rock and Rose also creates and installs new gardens and landscapes. They have won awards from the Landscape Con-tractors’ Association, and the San Francisco Landscape Garden Show.

Rock and Rose can design in any style from formal French-style gardens, to more romantic cottage gardens and natural, woodland settings.

“We don’t have one particular style,” says Mike. “We adapt the design to the setting and the client’s wishes.”

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