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Strokes Fine Painting
License: 483558
1049 Tennessee Street
San Francisco, California
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  • “They did an elaborate color consultation with us on our home in Bernal Heights last summer, then painted it. It turned out beautifully. We receive compliments from our neighbors all the time - people just rave about the house. Dar’s color combination is unique and unusual, and was perfectly applied. We are utterly delighted.’

  • “I had never worked with a color consultant before, but Dar is truly an artist. She knows the emotional balance of colors. Sometimes we’d look at a color, discuss how I felt about it, and come up exactly what I wanted. The work is never about her, it’s about you and what you alone want. She really cares about trying to identify just what that is. She is not about pushing her taste on someone.”

  • “Thank you for recommending Strokes Painting in The Good Service Guide. They were every bit as good as you said. They gave me a bid quickly, started promptly and did a beautiful job, on time and within my budget.”

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Strokes Fine Painting specializes in trouble-free, top-notch work. “You won’t be dealing with a crew of anonymous painters who take an assembly-line approach to your home,” says owner Dar Greenberg “I try to make people comfortable with the whole process”.

In 20 years of painting in San Francisco, Dar has gathered a network of local artisans skilled in fast disappearing trades as wood turning, gilding and faux finishing.

Dar is also an excellent color consultant, and she is often hired by local builders just to provide this service alone Whether you’re looking for a conservative and elegant color scheme or something more dramatic, her interior and exterior color harmonies has been featured in several local guide books, including San Francisco Painted Ladies, the visual bible of the City’s restored Victorian homes.

“We’re known for our restoration projects and high-end interior painting,” she says. “We can bring back the beauty of interior woodwork, refinish a weathered front door, or make old shingles and decking look like new.” She also offers expert advice on a complete range of painting and waterproofing services.

When shopping for a painter, Dar suggests that you determine your requirements, and make sure the contractor understands the level of quality and preparation necessary. Obtain bids for an identical, clearly specified job, so you can compare prices and procedures for the project. Otherwise, you’ll have no way of evaluating different painters’ bids (plus you won’t be assured of the same results).

“We’re not out to beat the market,” says Dar, “but I believe that our prices are reasonable, given the level of service we provide and the look we achieve.”

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